Carburettor Rebuild

It’s quite bizarre really, I haven’t rebuilt a carburettor for months and then 3 pairs all at once!

This current set is off an MG TF 1500 which had been standing for several years. Engine started first turn of the starter and idled at 650rpm from cold after several years!

MG TF Brake Cylinder

Working on an MG TF brake system the other day I noticed something quite interesting regarding aftermarket parts, this problem is not new to me and I am becoming very disillusioned with some so called aftermarket quality parts suppliers.

The brake cylinder on the right of this picture is an old Girling rear brake cylinder the one on the left the replacement. You may look at these and say they look identical, well I can assure you they are quite different.

MG TF Handbrake

The replacement on the left although looks the same it does not have the correct angle and leverage in the operating arm for the handbrake attachment which is the small hole you see at the top of the lever arm. When installed onto the vehicle you have the problem that when you install the handbrake cable you cannot engage the cable onto the handbrake lever itself as the operating arm on the brake cylinder does not have enough movement to allow you to connect up the cable.

Solution, order 2 new Delphi brake cylinders, install and hey presto! Perfect. These non fitting pattern parts were supplied by a reputable MG dealer and once the problem was bought to his attention he agreed that the quality was questionable and replaced them free of charge no questions and said that he would remove any others from stock.

Incidentally the replacement quality Delphi cylinders were cheaper than the non fitting pattern parts!

MGB Engine – Crankshaft

Back on the MGB engine, I installed the crankshaft on a dry assembly and found that it did not turn over too well which needless to say was rather disappointing. Having said that, it is of course the whole point of dry assembly rather than finding out that all is not well once everything has been cleaned for final assembly.

MGB Crankshaft

So, the next step was to try and find out why this problem was occurring, so I removed the crankshaft and inspected the bearing surfaces for any clues. No clues at all!

Next step was to mark up all the journals with engineers blue, then re-install the crankshaft and see were the crank is touching or not! As can be seen from the photo, the crankshaft seems to be touching only half the bearing surface, I would guess the bearing crush is not correct. The bearings fitted to this engine were supplied by the clients friend, they are a brand made in Israel, I have not had much to do with them in the past and have heard mixed reports about quality. I have always been a Vandervell bearing fan in the past but these seem to be hard to obtain these days.

Anyhow at this stage having measured up every thing else I am suspecting the bearings are not up to spec, so I have ordered a set of AE bearings and will install those and report back. I have attached a photo to show the results of the engineers blue test.MGB Crankshaft 2

Rolls Royce Phantom 11 Clutch Assembly

Back on the Rolls Royce Phantom 11 engine today and just getting all the clutch/flywheel components together to assemble the clutch housing.

This is a job that requires some patience and a methodical approach to re-assembly, you do not want to leave out anything at this stage as it will ultimately mean removing the engine from the chassis again which is not a 5 minute job!

Rolls Royce Phantom2 Clutch

Having riveted all the new clutch linings to the plates, it is now time to install the clutch linings and central drive plate into the housing. One thing about working on Rolls Royce cars is that every single item is marked with the engine number and all parts are marked for correct alignment and correspondence. The attention to detail in these Rolls Royce Phantom 11 engine is amazing.

Rolls Royce Phantom2 Clutch assembly

Triumph TR4 Carburettors

Arrived today this gorgeous Triumph TR4 in for the carburettors to be rebuilt and all the water hoses changed. What prompted this carburettor rebuild was that the engine is running a TH5 fast road cam and I do not think the carburettors had been re-jetted to take advantage of the cam installation, however once the carbs were rebuilt and the engine was set up the car ran superbly and idle was a lot less lumpy.

Our Customers’ comment when arriving home after collection…… “Driven better than it’s ever done!”


Triumph TR4 Carburettors

We buy all our service and rebuild kits from Burlen Fuel Systems in the UK. These guys know the meaning of service and all the parts supplied are of the highest quality every time, so if you think your carburettors are not as smooth as they should or could be then why not call me Andreas and discuss how I can improve both the engine smoothness and fuel consumption of your car!

Triumph TR4

MGB Camshaft

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MGB Camshaft

Received today the camshaft for the MGB engine rebuild from David Newman Camshafts. This is a billet camshaft and not re-profiled although I have no doubt that David’s re-profiled cams are excellent quality like all his cams, it’s a matter of personal choice. I have been dealing with David Newman Camshafts for at least 25 years maybe longer and never had any problems. What I like is that all the guys that work there are always willing to talk about installation techniques and offer advice on how to get the best combination of head/cam etc.

We stock a small range of David Newman Cams and we can get most profiles for most of the classic British cars within a couple of days. If you have a camshaft requirement give me Andreas a call to discuss.

Rolls Royce Phantom II Update


I have spent some time back on the Rolls Royce Phantom 2 engine and managed to get all the piston rings gapped and installed onto the pistons. In the third photo, the yellow spot is to tell me that the ring is the right way up! and you can just see the piston ring gap at  4. o’ clock set at 12 thou. I then installed all the rods & pistons into the block, castellated big end nuts secured, engine then turned over really smoothly. You may be asking yourself, why has he spotted the big end nuts with yellow paint when he has clearly cotter pinned all the nuts?! The yellow paint is to tell me that the nuts have been set at the correct torque before installing the cotter pins, just in case the phone rang between both operations, it’s an old lesson learnt from my racing car days, leave nothing to chance!

Rolls Royce Phantom 2 Pistons

Rolls Royce Phantom 2 Pistons

Rolls Royce Phantom2 engine rebuild, pistons

Rolls Royce Phantom2 Pistons

Rolls Royce Phantom2 Pistons engine rebuild

Rolls Royce Phantom2 Pistons

Rolls Royce Phantom2 Engine Block

Rolls Royce Phantom2 Engine Block

New changes for Classic Cars in France to the Contrôle Technique. Read on…

If you own a classic car that was first registered in France before 1960, it may be good news for you. A new rule was passed on 24th February 2017 that exempts classic vehicles which are older than this from their contrôle technique which is obligatory every 5 years. (This is the equivalent test of road worthiness to the MOT in the UK).  
 This rule also applies to vintage vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes, regardless of age. (However, all other vintage vehicles outside of these two categories remain subject to a standard contrôle technique).

To be recognized as a collection car, the vehicle must meet new requirements:
* Be constructed or registered for the first time at least 30 years ago
* No longer be produced
* Be historically preserved and maintained in its original state (with no major changes having been made to the characteristics of its main component parts).

If a vehicle of over 30 years of age is not declared as a Classic vehicle, the regulations related to a Côntrole Technique do not apply and it must be done every 2 years.
Further information on this can be obtained from the government website:

If you need any help with any aspect of administration for your classic car in France, do not hesitate to contact us, we can help!


E-Type Jaguar

After extensive searching and viewing of several not very nice Jaguar E-Types I finally found this very nice, original and unwelded example in the UK on behalf of a client here in France.

A 1970 4.2 Series 2 Roadster, this car came with extensive history having been owned by Sid Collberg an American car enthusiast/collector and member of several prominent car clubs of America. The car is finished in its original primrose yellow and black leather interior and is in great condition.

If you are considering a classic car purchase then why not call and talk with us and let me help you find that classic car whether for sunny day enjoyment or pure investment.

Primrose Yellow 1970 E Type Jaguar classic car

Primrose Yellow 1970, 4.2, Series 2 E Type Jaguar