I am in the process of rebuilding a vintage Rolls Royce Phantom 11 engine, and in the course of my research recently I came across Fred Buess in the United States. Fred runs a classic car restoration company in California, restoring Rolls Royces to their original grandeur has been a passion and privilege for the Buess Family since 1947. In fact Fred’s father was a founding member of the Rolls-Royce Owner’s Club in 1951. What he does not know about Rolls Royce is probably not worth knowing! I had some questions for him specifically about camshaft modifications and the modifications I had made on the cam and cam followers on this Rolls Royce we have in the garage here. He gave me a couple of good ideas too which I am going to incorporate into this build.We will keep you posted on progress as this rebuild continues.

That’s one thing I like about the American’s they are always willing to trade information, well in the motor industry anyway!


Rolls Royce Phantom 11 Engine Block