News broke this week of a new project that will come to fruition in 2017 for the Aston Martin Works classic car department, responding to a demand for a unique mix of old world craftsmanship and ultra-modern performance. The original DB4 GT was first produced in 1959, and was a lighter, faster, 2 seat version of the standard DB4. 25 new DB4 GT Continuation cars will be built for track use only, with an expected price tag for one is £1.5 million. Great care will be taken to replicate the authenticity and character of the originals, however there will be subtle improvements in the handling, braking and most importantly safety.

The construction is expected to remain true to the original Tadek Marek engine, which featured a straight-6, 3.7ltr, with two spark plugs per cylinder. 340 bhp, a 4-speed manual transmission, limited-slip differential on a tubular frame and lightweight aluminium panels.

Aston Martin are creating an International driving program for their DB4 GT Continuation customers taking in some of the most famous circuits in the world.

Sounds like fun doesn’t it?