Some News for the MGB

Finally stripped the MGB engine in my workshop and it’s not looking to good, Cam followers are completely worn and starting to break up, most of the bearings have run to the copper, one broken compression ring on No2 cylinder and oil pump full of black congealed oil. The block has been measured and will go for acid dip, then rebore +20, machining of deck height and lower surface machining.


MGB Piston Ring

Broken Piston Ring

MGB Cam Followers

MGB Cam Followers

XK120 Wiper problem

I tried to find out why the wipers were not working on an XK120 and decided to remove the wiper motor for further inspection. Once removed and stripped it was fairly obvious what the problem was. The white grease inside had gone solid and the whole wheel assembly had stopped turning, so a complete strip and clean was the only remedy and repack with fresh grease, reinstalled and Hey Presto!

MGB Wiper Motor


MGB Wiper Motor


MGB wiper




XK150SE following complete engine rebuild

This beautiful XK150SE went back to it’s owner having undergone a complete engine build in our workshops, returned from road test and ready to go. We usually have customers return their cars after 500 mile running in procedure to change all oils and check over the engine to make sure everything has settled down nicely. Hence we will be seeing this XK again soon.

Aston Martin DB4 GT Continuation

News broke this week of a new project that will come to fruition in 2017 for the Aston Martin Works classic car department, responding to a demand for a unique mix of old world craftsmanship and ultra-modern performance. The original DB4 GT was first produced in 1959, and was a lighter, faster, 2 seat version of the standard DB4. 25 new DB4 GT Continuation cars will be built for track use only, with an expected price tag for one is £1.5 million. Great care will be taken to replicate the authenticity and character of the originals, however there will be subtle improvements in the handling, braking and most importantly safety.

The construction is expected to remain true to the original Tadek Marek engine, which featured a straight-6, 3.7ltr, with two spark plugs per cylinder. 340 bhp, a 4-speed manual transmission, limited-slip differential on a tubular frame and lightweight aluminium panels.

Aston Martin are creating an International driving program for their DB4 GT Continuation customers taking in some of the most famous circuits in the world.

Sounds like fun doesn’t it?


1954 MG TF For Sale

1954 MG TF 1500 For SaleWe have the pleasure of presenting a fully restored 1954 MG TF for sale. Details as follows:

Red with red leather interior, tan hood and weather equipment, wire wheels, stainless luggage rack, 4 speed gearbox with overdrive, fold down windscreen, twin Lucas spot lamps.

This MG was the subject of an extensive restoration approximately 6 years ago including major bodywork overhaul, the car having covered very little mileage since. The car is currently on a DVLA SORN.

Contact us by email in the first instance for the price and further information on the car.

Re-helicoil a stripped thread

I had a tricky job to re-helicoil a stripped thread on the cam oil feed pipe on a Jaguar XK150 today. Could not work out how to keep all the swarf from entering the oil gallery! Luckily the oil feed hole is at the top of the head, so I removed the rear cam retaining cap, turned the engine and lined up the hole in the cam with the hole in the head and then kept a constant supply of compressed air going in from the cam and blowing the swarf out, this worked a treat and then inspection with a miniature camera probe showed a clear, clean oil gallery.


Jaguar XK150 oilfeed



Jaguar XK150 oilfeed

Jaguar XK120 Brake Master Cylinder

I finally got the brake master cylinder installed on a Jaguar XK120 in our workshops today, bit fiddly but got there in the end. This should put an end to the terrible braking on this car. The old unit was pouring out brake fluid when you pulled back the end rubber, so next time you are under your XK it might be worth just pulling back the rubber and inspecting yours because they can look fine from the outside.